Fake Watch terminology you need to know when purchasing an international replica watch

The A-Z guide to the terminology of watches, we all know that international watches have the ability to upgrade any equipment immediately. No matter how they look - they actually understand how they work, which parts are good for what, and which ones are actually worth paying for. So we asked a group of trusted watch experts to help us compile a list of terms that really need to be understood when buying an international replica watch.

A - automatic

“Automatic” is a term used to describe self-winding mechanical watches,” said international replica watch buyer Muhaddisa Fazal. “These pieces are entangled by the movement of the wearer's arm or wrapped around the crown. The spring of the replica watch (see E below) generates power that is wound by a rotor (see R below) that rotates in response to the wearer's motion. “The unworn automatic watch will eventually run out of power and requires a manual restart. Automatic watches usually recommend a replica watch with a typical craft - the robot can hold it for a long time (if you are not idle), so it usually costs more than a normal non-manufactured replica watch. "

B - baffle

“This is the ring at the top of the case, which holds the glass or crystal in place,” says Simon Spiteri, a buyer of accessories for Mr. Porter. "Removable borders can be used for other functions, such as tracking elapsed time, and they usually mark time increments on them."

C - Chronograph

This is essentially a stopwatch with a separate sweeping second hand that stops and the two buttons are on either side of the top of the replica watch. The purpose of the chronograph is to compare the time base and the permanent record of the user's survey results - this is especially useful for everything from time trials to guided artillery before the electronic stopwatch appears.

D - dial

“The dial is the face of the replica watch and an important part of the watch,” said Neil Waller, rolex replica co-founder of International replica Watches. “In the 17th century, numbers appeared for the first time on the dial. But now, 1-12 hour dial numbers are well known, so they are usually ignored to support the indifference hour mark.”

Electronic escapement

“This is the heartbeat of a mechanical replica watch,” said senior buyer Terry Markham. “This is a mechanism that allows the control to release the mainspring (the spiral metal strip inside the watch), providing timekeeping for the fake watch.”

F - backhand

Fazal explained: "First as a pilot saves time function development, this is a second hand center chronograph stopwatch that flies back to zero and restarts when compressing the second timer push," Fazal explained. "Of course, most of us didn't fall from the top in order to make a living, but the return of the hand gave the nostalgic nod of classic aviation watches like Zenith and Bell & Ross."

G - gasket

“This is a mechanical seal that keeps the replica watch together and usually connects the dial to the case,” says Fazal. “Although it sounds harmless, the gasket can be an important part of the replica watch – thick variations often replica horloges only apply to large international replica watches, and you can find alternatives in sporty rubber or thinner, finer sizes. ."

H - escape valve

"Although this is just a talk show for anyone other than a diver, it's still an interesting feature," Spiteri said. “Historically, the purpose of the helium relief valve was to respond to the influent changes in the diving and release the trapped helium, which could damage the replica watch or even the crystal or glass on the face. For mechanical diving watches, with water/pressure resistance over 300 m (1000 ft)."

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